A Brunet Will Call

(Brunet wieczorową porą)

1976   >   absurd comedy

A film by Stanislaw Bareja – the Polish master of comedy, director, screenwriter and actor. Hailed the comedy director of the century.

A crime story parody, set in the Polish 80’s. Unusual genre scenes make this a powerful film illustrating the absurdity of the past political system.

An old gypsy woman foretells Michał that he will find a lost watch, win the lottery and kill
a dark-haired man who will come to visit him in the evening.  The prophecy starts coming true... In order to avoid the looming tragedy Michał runs away from home in the evening. When he returns, he finds a body and all the evidence points to him. He  has to solve this mysterious puzzle to avoid going to jail.

The hero, entangled in everyday absurdities, tries to escape the situation forced upon him by his own naivety or the malevolent environment. The man tries to escape his fate but it finds him
in the least expected way.


Stanisław Bareja
Stanisław Bareja, Kill Andrzej
Wiesław Zdort
Allan Starski
Anna Biedrzycka
Krystyna Rutkowska
Waldemar Kazanecki
Krzysztof Kowalewski, Wojciech Pokora,
Wiesław Gołas, Bohdan Łazuka,
Bożena Dykiel
Materials: HD
Length: 90’