The Refuge


1978   >   psychological/ drama

The film tells a story about a former soldier of the Home Army who takes part in the Warsaw Uprising and later tries to find a place for himself in the post-war reality of the new Poland. The film is based on Jerzy Putrament’s novel “Puszcza”.

The year 1946. Bogdan, a former soldier who fought in the Warsaw Uprising settles down in a forester’s house, far away from other people, right in the middle of the Masurian Forest. The local community doesn’t trust him. The police suspect he is associated with a local gang. The locals are not friendly towards strangers. When Bogdan goes to the State Forest District, he meets his ex-girlfriend who is his present supervisor’s wife. Bogdan brings his mother to the forester’s house and starts working as a forester. The neighborhood is still dangerous. People are assaulted and robbed. Bogdan has no weapon. Eventually, he gets permission for a double-barreled shotgun. In the meantime his love for Irena is rekindled. They establish a close relation. Irena gets pregnant, yet she breaks up with Bogdan. Thugs attack the forester’s house again. This time, using his shotgun, Bogdan chases them away. Unfortunately, Bogdan’s mother is killed during the shooting.


Roman Załuski
Roman Załuski
Janusz Pawłowski
Zdzisław Kielanowski, Jerzy Śnieżawski
Roman Kolski
Christoph Willibald Gluck, Antonio Vivaldi
Marek Frąckowiak, Zofia Rysiówna,
Ewa Lemańska, Maria Kaniewska,
Zofia Bajuk, Wacław Kowalski
Materials: SD
Length: 94’