A Crazy Night

(Zwariowana noc)

1967   >   adventure/ war/ comedy

A crazy and slightly fairylike war commend with super actors.

Adaptation of the novel of Natalia Rolleczek, a popular author of books for the youth.

The last role of the respected theatrical actor of the prewar era – Maria Gella, who gave a splendid comedy performance, playing the old baroness.

One of the first roles of Janusz Gajos, one of the greatest Polish actors of all time, who became largely popular as Janek Kos, the main character of the TV series “Czterej pancerni i pies” (“Four tank-men and a dog”).

World War II. Three partisans: a Pole, a Slovak and a Hungarian hide in an old castle from Germans chasing them. The castle inhabitants decide to help them and when the Hitler soldiers arrive, they try to outsmart them. Despite all their efforts, the truth comes to light and the castle becomes a real battleground. The besieged are rescued by a troop which the three fugitives belong to. The Germans are defeated, however the castle inhabitants have to leave with the partisans.



Zbigniew Kuźmiński
Zdzisław Skowroński
Wiesław Rutowicz
Jerzy Skrzepiński
Felicja Rogowska
Adam Walaciński
Jerzy Karaszkiewicz, Krystyna Chmielewska,
Aleksander Fogiel, Krystyna Sienkiewicz,
Maria Gella, Janusz Gajos
Materials: SD
Length: 73’