Polish Album

(Album polski)

1970   >   drama

Two-part epic film showing the chaos of the last days of the war, the great migration onto post-German territories, fights with hordes of looters, the efforts of people trying to adapt to the new post-war reality. The action is set on two time planes connected by a young couple.

Anna – a student of journalism and Tomek – a student of the University of Technology meet while holiday trekking. Their interest is aroused by an old photo they are both familiar with that comes from a military magazine dated 1945 and shows a group of soldiers on a tank. For Anna’s mother – Maria the photo is a precious souvenir. One of the soldiers in the photo is Tomek’s father – Piotr. Anna wants to get to know who the other soldiers are, she intends to make a report about their war experience and the current situation. Talking to other identified persons they slowly learn about Tomek’s father’s and Maria’s mother’s history abounding in a number of tragic events taking place in the stormy times of the new Poland.

The stories they hear, step-by-step, reveal the truth about their background.


Jan Rybkowski
Ryszard Frelek
Witold Sobociński
Halina Dobrowolska, Jerzy Szeski
Magdalena Tesławska
Maria Orłowska
Andrzej Trzaskowski
Barbara Brylska, Andrzej Seweryn,
Jan Machulski, Bolesław Płotnicki,
Maciej Damięcki, Kazimierz Fabisiak


First grade Award of the Minister of the National Defense (Jan Rybkowki, Ryszard Frelek, Witold Sobociński)
Materials: SD
Length: 136’