Killing Auntie

(Zabicie ciotki)

1985   >   drama

An ingenious young man analyzes a plan to murder his aunt and get rid of the body. The film has an interesting surreal narrative.

Jurek is a twenty-year old student under the care of his aunt. When she’s gone for a few days his imagination begins processing the question – what if he’d murder his aunt? She’d die struck by a hammer blow to the head, he’d get rid of the body cutting it into pieces and taking it out in packages. After class Jurek gets drunk and ends up getting arrested. Upon returning home he meets his aunt’s mother and her sister Emilia. There is a cold, dead, anonymous body in the bathroom. Together with Teresa, whom he met recently, they transport package after package to the river. The day of the aunt’s return is coming closer. Jurek takes her home from the train station. The aunt comments on the dirty bathroom and the packages that are lying around.


Grzegorz Królikiewicz
Grzegorz Królikiewicz
Krzysztof Skudziński
Krzysztof Ptak
Romuald Wojciech Szpotakowski
Jarosław Ostanówko
Janusz Hajdum
Maria Klejdysz
Robert Herubin
Leon Niemczyk
Gustaw Holoubek
Krystyna Feldman
Wiesław Gołas


Film Debuts Festival - Youth and Film - Honorable Mention / 1985
Materials: SD
Length: 101’