Operation "Brutus"

(Akcja Brutus)

1971   >   action/ historical/ drama

A propaganda film, inspired by poetics of sensational cinema.

A great example of using film art to create a version of history beneficial for he communist government.

The screenplay of “Operation ‘Brutus” was loosely based on the facts related to the dissolved Underground Polish Army troop under the command of captain Stanisław Sojczyński, nom de guerre “Warszyc”.

The screenplay of Zbigniew Nienacki and his novel “Worek Judaszów” drew on the cycle of reports “Warszyc!” that Nienacki published under the pen-name "Ewa Połaniecka" in "Głos Robotniczy". The reports were based on authentic materials the writer received from the Security Office.

Post-war period. A superbly organized mayor’s “Boruta” troop operates in the woods. Pretending to fight against the communist regime, the guerillas terrorize the area and, at the same time, using secret information of their spy, evade the officials trying to chase them down. A mysterious Albert Niwiński appears in the neighborhood. “Boruta” believes he is an English paratrooper. He tries to establish contact with him through beautiful Anastasia. Albert turns out to be an officer from the Security Office whose mission is to dismantle the group. He unmasks and kills “Boruta”’s spy and has an affair with Anastasia, who has no clue about his true identity. At a meeting with “Boruta” Niwiński suggests transferring the key troop members to the West. In the reality, he wants to bring them to justice. The plan fails as “Boruta” and his subordinates get killed in a random scuffle with a Polish Army unit.

Ewa Krzyżewska as Anastasia, who resumed her career after a few-year-long break, resembled her most famous creation as Krystyna in Andrzeja Wajdy’s “Popiół i diament”/”Ashes and Diamnods”.



Jerzy Passendorfer
Zbigniew Nienacki
Kazimierz Konrad
Adam T. Nowakowski, Allan Starski
Maria Karmolińska
Janina Niedźwiecka
Lucjan Kaszycki
Zygmunt Hübner, Ewa Krzyżewska,
Witold Pyrkosz, Tadeusz Schmidt,
Marian Kociniak, Janusz Bykowski
Materials: SD
Length: 93’