A Great Pick-up

(Wielki podryw /dwie nowele/)

1979   >   drama

An anthology film made by debuting graduates of the Łódź Film School. It won the best screenplay award and best actor award at the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdańsk.

The film consists of two stories about difficult decisions made by the main characters at the start of adult life.

Story I "Presence"

Alicja, a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, starts work at a small-town factory. She is housed in a small flat which was previously occupied by Pilarski - a committed and respected worker who died a few days earlier. Against her will, the girl gets tangled up in the dead man's affairs - she receives phone calls meant for him, meets his friends, finds his belongings in the flat... Alicja finds out that Pilarski was involved in an investigation against the employer. She has to decide whether to mind her own business or help fulfil the dead man's will.

Story II "The Great Pick Up"

Sylwik, an inconspicuous and pathologically shy worker, is looking for a partner. After several failed attempts inspired by his work colleagues, he decides to use the "great pick up" plan and find a lover among rejected university candidates. He is attracted to Gośka, a depressed girl who tries to commit suicide after failing to become a university student. Sylwik manages to stop her and take her to his flat, but when Gośka offers him sex he gives up on his plan. Next day, the girl disappears.


Jerzy Kołodziejczyk (part I),
Jerzy Trojan (part II)
Andrzej Mularczyk
Jacek Zygadło (part I),
Stanisław Moszuk (part II)
Andrzej Borecki
Eugeniusz Dmitroca (part I),
Krystyna Komosińska (part II)
Jerzy Derfel
Part I- Anna Chodakowska,
Zbigniew Bielski, Jadwiga Kuryluk
Part II- Eugeniusz Priwieziencew,
Danuta Kowalska, Zdzisław Wardejn


PFFF, Gdynia
Best actor in a leading role (Eugeniusz Priwieziencew)
PFFF, Gdynia
Award for the best screenplay (Andrzej Mularczyk)
Materials: SD
Length: 102’