Abel, Your Brother

(Abel twój brat)

1970   >   psychological/ drama

One of the most important films of Janusz Nasfeter. Based on the example of a group of children, it shows the universal problem of an individual’s will to adapt to life in a community and be accepted by its members at the expense of his own values.

Karol Matulak, the apple of his mother’s eye, goes to a new school. A closely-knit group of four boys are the class leaders. The polite and well-mannered boy is bullied and humiliated. Karol wants, by all means, to be accepted by his peers. He gets a good opportunity when the boys accidentally come to his house. Karol starts to behave the way they do. He becomes rude and is impressed by hooliganism. One day he is provoked to beat a younger student. Karol owns up and is punished. He doesn’t say a word about his friends’ involvement. Only his mother knows the truth and demands that the instigators are also punished. The bullying begins anew. Karol has worse results at school and starts playing hooky. He gets meningitis and dies, which is a sobering experience for his school mates. The whole class attend his funeral.


Janusz Nasfeter
Teresa Nasfeter, Janusz Nasfeter
Stanisław Loth
Anatol Radzinowicz
Krystyna Komosińska
Waldemar Kazanecki
Katarzyna Łaniewska, Witold Dederko,
Zdzisław Leśniak, Jacek Fedorowicz,
Henryk Bąk, Krystyna Feldman


Golden Goats- International Young Audience Film Festival Ale kino!
Best screenplay- Lubusz Film Summer (Teresa Nasfeter, Janusz Nasfeter)
IFF, Moscow
Silver Medal
IFF, Moscow
Prize of the Children Jury
Special Jury Award- International Film Festival for the Kids
Materials: SD
Length: 87’