A Frame of Mind

(Sposób bycia)

1966   >   psychological/ drama

A psychological portrait of a forty-year-old man who is ruined both mentally and physically. The film has the form of a monologue enriched with scenes from the past, with great performance by Andrzej Łapicki.

The lead character, who is long suffering from a heart disease, leaves the hospital. He returns to a dirty, run-down apartment. He is alone. He analyzes his life wondering why he experienced so little joy and so much suffering and failure. He survived a concentration camp, he was never promoted at work, he cheated and was cheated on in married life. The next day, he receives a letter from his wife in which she declares her love for him. The overpowering joy is too much for his weak heart.


Jan Rybkowski
Kazimierz Brandys, Jerzy Markuszewski
Jerzy Lipman
Wojciech Krysztofiak
Krystyna Rutkowska
Leon Niemczyk, Barbara Bargiełowska,
Bronisław Pawlik, Ewa Krzyżewska,
Andrzej Łapicki, Lucyna Winnicka
Materials: SD
Length: 75’