Nights and Days

(Noce i dnie)

1975   >   costume drama / historical drama / family saga

Oscar nominee for best foreign film. Almost 23 million viewers give it the 4th place amongst the most popular Polish films.

A film by Jerzy Antczak , outstanding film and theater director, recipient of Platinum Lions lifetime achievement award at the 2013 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

An adaptation of Maria Dąbrowska’s epic novel.

Outstanding performances by Jadwiga Barańska and Tadeusz Bińczycki.

Unforgettable music by Waldemar Kazanecki.

A beautiful, two-part story about love. The film portrays the fate of two generations of the Niechcic family set amidst Polish social transformations between 1865 – 1914, depicted as memories of Barbara, escaping from the town of Kaliniec set on fire by Prussian soldiers. Barbara reminisces about her unfulfilled love for Józef, her marriage with Bogumił, experiences related to raising children. Despite different natures, Bogumił and Barbara spend their whole life together, helping each other in face of difficulties of life during the Russian partition. A depiction of how human nature and feelings can adapt over several decades.

A family saga. A blockbuster that stands out thanks to picturesque locations and splendidly reconstructed historical detail.


Jerzy Antczak
Jerzy Antczak
Stanisław Loth
Jerzy Masłowski
Barbara Ptak, Renata Własow
Janina Niedźwiecka
Waldemar Kazanecki
Jadwiga Barańska , Jerzy Bińczycki,
Emir Buczacki, Stanisława Celińska,
Władysław Hańcza


PFFF, Gdynia
Grand Prix Golden Lions, Actress in a leading role (Jadwiga Barańska), Actor in a leading role (Jerzy Bińczycki)
IFF, Berlin
Silver Bear for the best performance (Jadwiga Barańska), Unicritic Award
Film Season Star- Lubusz Film Summer (Jadwiga Barańska, Jerzy Bińczycki)
Oscar- Nomination for the Academy Award
PFFF, Gdynia
Diamond Lions on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Festival for the best film and best actress (Jadwiga Barańska)
Materials: HD
Length: 171’