1961   >   psychological/ war/ drama

The tragic fate of a young Jew, an involuntary witness to the extermination of his people and the cruelty of World War II. The film shows a variety of attitudes and people’s reactions to a ghetto runaway.

Jakub Goldberg kills in self-defense a fascist-sympathizer student and is sent to prison. When the war breaks out, he is released, but as a Jew he ends up in the ghetto, where he works as a gravedigger. After his mother’s death, he manages to sneak out to the “Aryan” side, where he finds shelter at different people’s houses. His tragic fate and constant need to hide have a very negative effect on his psyche. He wants to go back to the ghetto, but it has already been liquidated. Jakub joins the underground forces and works for a secret printing press. He dies in battle, killing himself and Nazis with grenades.


Andrzej Wajda
Kazimierz Brandys, Andrzej Wajda
Jerzy Wójcik
Leszek Wajda
Janina Niedźwiecka
Tadeusz Baird
Serge Merlin, Alina Janowska,
Elżbieta Kępińska, Jan Ciecierski,
Tadeusz Bartosik, Władysław Kowalski
Materials: SD
Length: 117’