1958   >   Psychological drama / war drama

A film by outstanding director of feature and documentary films, that passed away before his time. He is the patron of an award for young film-makers established by Łódź Film School
in 1960.

The film is an adaptation of Jerzy Stefan Stawiński’s short stories.

One of the leading achievements of the “Polish Film School”, awarded FIPRESCI and Best Screenplay at the 1959 Mar del Plata International Film Festival.

The film is a combination of two short stories. The first is a ironic story of a Warsaw wise-guy, Dzidziuś (Baby), who is accidentally involved in the Uprising and makes a heroic yet futile gesture. The second story is set in a more tragic tone. It tells the tale of a man who becomes the hero of a POW camp by accident. The story of his alleged escape upholds the other prisoners’ spirit. In reality, not wanting to crush the hope he gave to his comrades, he freezes
to death alone in a ventilation shaft.

A psychological drama set in wartime reality. The director bitterly confronts wartime myth with reality.


Andrzej Munk
Jerzy Stefan Stawiński
Jerzy Wójcik
Jan Grandys
Jadwiga Zajiček
Jan Krenz
Edward Dziewoński, Barbara Połomska,
Leon Niemczyk, Kazimierz Rudzki,
Henryk Bąk


IFF, Mar del Plata
Award for the best set of films, Award for the best screenplay (Jerzy Stefan Stawiński), FIPRESCI Award
Warsaw Mermaid- Polish Film Critics Award for Best Polish Feature Film
Materials: HD
Length: 78’