A Lady from the Window

(Panienka z okienka)

1964   >   historical/costume/adventure/comedy

An adaptation of a youth novel by Jadwiga Łuszczewska, a popular writer publishing under the pseudonym of Deotyma.

A colorful, well-depicted historical background and a storyline combining fictional adventures and romances with authentic events and characters.

The film captures the reality of the 17th century with high accuracy. The scenery of the old City of Gdańsk (Danzig) was created from scratch in Lublinek, near Łódź, while the beautiful and stylish costumes were designed by the famous cartoonist Jan Marcin Szancer.

The screen debut of Janusz Gajos, one of the most renowned Polish actors.

Kazimierz Korycki and Zbigniew Kalinowski come from two families conflicted for generations. Their mutual animosities are additionally enhanced by a tragedy from the past – the main characters’ younger sisters, Marysia and Krystyna, were abducted by the Tatars. After many years the both men, now adult, meet in Gdańsk, where they are attracted to lovely Hedwig, the adoptive daughter of the jeweler, and city councilman Szulc. Kazimierz falls in love with her at first sight, while Zbigniew begins to suspect that the woman might be his missing sister. The quick-tempered young men are entangled in political intrigues of Cornelius, a Danish agent, who wants to spark a conflict between the people of Gdańsk and the Polish king, while trying for beautiful Hedwig’s hand. 


Maria Kaniewska
Jan Marcin Szancer, Maria Kaniewska,
Jerzy Broszkiewicz
Adolf Forbert
Jerzy Skrzepiński
Jan Marcin Szancer
Janina Niedźwiecka
Witold Krzemieński
Romuald Michalewski, Stanisław Niwiński,
Pola Raksa, Małgorzata Szancer,
Janusz Gajos, Jadwiga Chojnacka
Materials: SD
Length: 155’