A Round Week

(Okrągły tydzień)

1977   >   drama/fable/poetic film

A poetic, deeply nostalgic story embedded in the tradition and culture of Silesia.

Superb performance of Stanisław Pieczka and the debuting eight-year-old Arkadiusz Jakubik who is now known for many outstanding roles, among others in Wojciech Smarzowski’s and Maciej Pieprzyca’s films.

The film combines elements of realism and fable and is accompanied by perfectly matched music by Andrzej Korzyński and ballads by Jonasz Kofta written especially for the film and performed by Maryla Rodowicz.

A story about the meaning of tradition and identity addressed predominantly to young viewers.

Small Gustlik is brought up by a traditional Silesian family. He has the closest ties with his granddad Karol Kostka, a respected retired miner who teaches him about the customs, beliefs and legends of Silesia. The local mine is closed down, which is a hard blow for the whole community. Seeing his granddad’s sadness Gustlik wants to help him and his child’s imagination turns real problems into a fairy-tale challenge. In his dreams the boy goes deep down into the mine to save the ruler of the underground – Skarbek from the evil King.

Even though a part of the story takes place in a coalmine in Silesia, the film was actually shot in the salt mine in Wieliczka.


Tadeusz Kijański
Albin Siekierski
Krzysztof Winiewicz
Jerzy Orlik, Janusz Kijański
Barbara Ptak
Zenon Piórecki
Andrzej Korzyński
Franciszek Pieczka, Arkadiusz Jakubik,
Emilia Krakowska, Ewa Borowik,
Andrzej Balcerzak, Jerzy Cnota

Materials: SD
Length: 83’