The Two Who Stole the Moon

(O dwóch takich co ukradli księżyc)

1962   >   Comedy/ adventure film for children

A film starring the 12-year-old twin brothers: Lech and Jarosław Kaczyńscy in the leading roles, future President and Prime Minister of Poland.

A rendition of the popular didactic novel by Kornel Makuszyński, which, through humor and fantasy conveys important ethical and social content.

The screenplay was written by Jan Brzechwa, one of the most popular Polish authors of books for children.

A story full of adventures and events about two brothers who, during a dangerous journey, learn the value of work and family.

Twin brothers: Jacek and Placek dream about wealthy and comfortable life. They run away from home to steal the moon and become rich. During their journey they experience numerous adventures, which teach them one thing: laziness, egoism, lies or greediness don’t pay and every goal can be achieved through honest work. The brothers take part in a race for hunchback, they travel on pelicans, get caught by a bloodthirsty giant and grotesque bandits, and, eventually, they reach the gold city whose inhabitants dream about a piece of bread. Changed through their experience boys come back to their village to ensure themselves a better future through hard work and perseverance.

The Kaczyński brothers were chosen for the parts of Jacek and Placek from among 70 pairs of twins. They spent seven months on the set, because of which they had to switch to an individual course of learning. In the film they were dubbed by Danuta Mancewicz (Jarosław Kaczyński’s character) and Maria Janecka (Lech Kaczyński’s character).



Jan Batory
Jan Brzechwa, Jan Batory
Bogusław Lambach
Anatol Radzinowicz
Alicja Waltoś
Krystyna Batory
Adam Walaciński
Lech Kaczyński, Jarosław Kaczyński,
Helena Grossówna, Jadwiga Kuryluk,
Ludwik Benoit, Janusz Strachocki
Materials: SD
Length: 80’