A Million for Laura

(Milion za Laurę)

1971   >   musical comedy

A charming and lighthearted musical comedy.

Unpretentious and witty plot serves as an opportunity to give floor to popular Polish musicians, including such bands as „No To Co” and „Silna Grupa pod Wezwaniem”. Singer Anna Jantar, who was then at the threshold of a spectacular career, had a bit part in the film.

Full of music, summertime vibe and humor, the film tells a story of a crazy chase after a potentially priceless guitar.   

A well-off tradesman buys a suitcase at a flea market. In it, he finds an old guitar. The man tells his cousin Marta to get rid of a worn-out instrument, while he goes on a trip to Italy. During a visit to a museum, he finds out that a seemingly plain guitar may be in fact an invaluable treasure. He immediately returns to Poland. Upon his arrival,  he learns that Marta sent the instrument to her boyfriend who is away in Bieszczady mountains with his friends. Following a sequence of bizarre coincidences, the guitar becomes the main prize in a song contest for amateurs. 



Hieronim Przybył
Jerzy Janicki
Jerzy Stawicki
Roman Wołyniec
Irena Choryńska
Bogdan Baer, Włodzimierz Nowak,
Tadeusz Ross, Irena Szewczyk,
No To Co (band), Quorum (band)
Materials: SD
Length: 92’