How I Unleashed World War II

(Jak rozpętałem II Wojnę Światową)

1969   >   comedy/ war/ adventure

The amusing adventures of private Franek Dolas shown against a backdrop of the bustle of international war. The clumsy loser keeps getting himself into even bigger trouble but is able to get out thanks to his wits, audacity, resourcefulness and charm.

Part 1

Private Dolas is part of a platoon designated to defend a railway station. He falls asleep and his rifle goes off. The Germans begin firing on their position and Franek is convinced it was he who started the war. He is caught and imprisoned. He keeps trying to escape – two attempts are unsuccessful. The third involving a transport to another camp does the trick. He is moved to Yugoslavia and spends time there drinking in a tavern. Captain Dimo saves him from service on a German ship by taking him on board his own vessel which is headed for Cyprus. Suddenly the cutter is hit by a torpedo from an Italian submarine.

Part 2

The castaways are saved by Frenchmen and Franek is drafted to the French Foreign Legion. He is stationed in a fort on the Syrian border where boredom and awful food are neutralized with alcohol. Dolas accidentally becomes a cook. The pantry is empty but the witty hero beats them at three card poker winning supplies. The legionnaires are happy for the significant increase in cuisine quality.  They appreciate their new cook immensely and when their commander arrests him they leave the fort in protest. Following De Gaulle’s announcement the legionnaires escape to join British troops. Franek is once more held captive. The Italians’ attack allows him to escape. He disguises himself as a medic and rides off with a transport of wounded soldiers.

Part 3

The transport of wounded soldiers arrives on a ship headed to Italy. Franek puts on a German uniform but is caught on land as a deserter. The court martial sends him to the eastern front, where he parachutes down to Poland where he helps resistance fighters clear a bridge of mines.



Tadeusz Chmielewski
Tadeusz Chmielewski
Jerzy Stawicki
Bolesław Kamykowski
Janina Niedźwiecka
Jerzy Matuszkiewicz
Marian Kociniak, Wirgiliusz Gryń,
Emil Karewicz, Stanisław Milski,
Ludwik Benoit, Wacław Kowalski


Audience Award (Lubusz Film Summer)
Materials: SD
Length: 86' (part 1), 72' (part 2), 73' (part 3)’