1977   >   psychological/ drama

The directorial debut of Janusz Kijowski, first screened four years after its completion because it was blocked by censorship. The simple story touches on the events of March 1968, focusing on the individual tragedy of people who were expelled from university as a result of events which took place.

It’s the start of the academic year. The students notice that several names are missing from the dean’s lists. They ask him demanding explanations. Józef Moneta, a talented but impulsive student  probes the most actively. Fruitless attempts to find out the reasons generate frustration. Moneta is arrested by the police for ripping posters off walls. He is expelled from the university for his continued enquiries. He finds himself in a new situation, having to earn money he takes on menial work. He decides to start writing – his life and work experience become basis for a novel. Moneta falls on hard times, he lives in a run-down room, has no permanent residency, and sells coal illegally. Despite the difficulties he tries to remain true to his ideals. Meanwhile it turns out that most of his old friends, even those who were expelled from university are doing pretty well. The protagonist finally decides to take on teaching at a high school. The story repeats itself in absurd turn of events as the students protest against the curriculum which openly falsifies reality. Moneta the teacher throws one of his students out of his class.


Janusz Kijowski
Janusz Kijowski
Krzysztof Wyszyński
Wojciech Wołyński
Irena Choryńska
Jacek Bednarek
Krzysztof Zaleski, Ewa Żukowska,
Justyna Kulczycka, Małgorzata Niemirska,
Lucyna Winnicka, Maria Zbyszewska


First prize (International Film Forum Man- Work- Creativity)
The Polish Socialist Youth Movement Award- Lubusz Film Summer (Janusz Kijowski)
PFFF, Gdynia
Best actor in a leading role (Krzysztof Zaleski)
IFF, Taormina
Bronze Charybdis (Janusz Kijowski)
Materials: SD
Length: 94’