Where Is The General

(Gdzie jest generał)

1963   >   comedy/ war

A film made by Tadeusz Chmielewski, the leading comedy director in the Polish cinematography, screenplay writer and film producer, awarded the Platinum Lions for his lifetime achievements at the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia in 2015.

The film was very warmly received by viewers and most critics. “A superb comedy”, “An unexpected blessing” or “Comedy redefined” are only some of the titles of the enthusiastic reviews.

A timeless comedy whose characters, a Russian jobsworth and a Polish lug must face German soldiers and their … prejudice.

The spring of 1945. The Polish Second Army pushes Germans out of the occupied territories.

One of the foot soldiers of a certain troop is Orzeszko who, because of his laziness, thoughtlessness and straightforwardness, frequently causes serious problems. Orzeszko, distraught because of his companion’s aversion sets off on a lone journey to an abandoned castle where he encounters Marusia from the Red Army who keeps guard of a wine cellar. They do not get along but they must form an alliance when Germans under the lead of General Falkenberg enter the castle. Orzeszko and Marusia both hide from the enemy and later they take the General hostage. Because of a coincidence their prisoner disappears when Orzeszko’s troop comes to the castle. More misunderstandings and strange incidents lead to a clash between the Polish and German soldiers. The Nazis give in upon seeing the captivated general and Orzeszko and Marusia declare love to each other.

Tadeusz Chmielewski wrote the screenplay based on authentic war anecdotes heard from veteran soldiers.

His idea to make a comedy about World War II triggered strong objections. The film could be made only because of a personal intervention of the legendary film director Wanda Jakubowska.

Elżbieta Czyżewska praised for the role of Marusia was dubbed by the actress Felicja Chabrowska-Tiberger.



Tadeusz Chmielewski
Tadeusz Chmielewski
Jerzy Stawicki
Bolesław Kamykowski
Tatiana Manżett
Janina Niedźwiecka
Józef Świder
Jerzy Turek, Elżbieta Czyżewska,
Bolesław Płotnicki, Stanisław Milski,
Roman Bartosiewicz, Wacław Kowalski


2nd degree State Award (Tadeusz Chmielewski)
Materials: SD
Length: 92’