A Hole in the Ground

(Dziura w ziemi)

1970   >   drama

A story about a group of geologists looking for petroleum in the south of Poland. The film director draws portraits of a number of different characters and attitudes of 30-year-olds living in those times. The superb music was composed by the world renowned jazzman Tomasz Stańko.

Andrzej Orawiec is a manager of a group of geologists searching for petroleum. Collaboration with a team of drillers is not easy. Andrzej is a zealot and enthusiast, totally committed to his work. His team members approach their work in a much more pragmatic manner. The driver Mietek sees it simply as driving from one hole in the ground to another one. The search does not bring the expected results. A decision comes from the headquarters to discontinue the work. In protest against the decision Andrzej sets an old windmill on fire. He continues drilling. Eventually, he discovers petroleum. Unfortunately, the preliminary difficulties and a lot of effort put in his work strip his enthusiasm away. He returns home, feeling empty inside. Reconciliation and friendship with Mietek prove to be worth much more than success. 


Andrzej Kondratiuk
Andrzej Bonarski, Andrzej Kondratiuk
Jan Laskowski
Jarosław Świtoniak
Janina Niedźwiecka
Tomasz Stańko
Roman Kłosowski, Zdzisław Maklakiewicz,
Józef Nowak, Wadim Berestowski,
Jan Nowicki, Wiesław Gołas


IFF, Karlovy Vary
Special Jury Mention (Andrzej Kondratiuk)
Best cinematography- Lubusz Film Summer (Jan Laskowski)
Materials: SD
Length: 100’