Two Gentlemen N

(Dwaj panowie N)

1961   >   criminal/ spy

One of the few crime films made by Tadeusz Chmielewski, who is known as a leading comedy filmmaker in Poland, as well as screenwriter, film producer and winner of the Platinum Lions award for lifetime achievement at the Polish Feature Films Festival in Gdynia in 2015. 

The film’s plot is based on a true story. The script was developed on the basis of Ryszard Gontarz and Zygmunt Szeliga’s short story “Nowakowie”, which was published in “Dookoła Świata” weekly magazine and allegedly based on documents from the Military Prosecutor's Office.

The main character is played by Polish film icon Stanisław Mikulski, who gained huge popularity thanks to his portrayal of Hans Kloss in the cult TV series “More Than Life at Stake” and remained popular among the subsequent generations of viewers.

The film was made with great attention to detail and authenticity. All scenes were shot in the original settings of the streets, flea markets and institutions of Warsaw.

Archivist Roman Dziewanowicz has a rather unusual hobby. He is developing a file of people born on 29 February. One day, he comes across a curious case of two men with exactly the same personal details. Shortly afterwards, Dziewanowicz vanishes. The police suspect foul play. The victim’s son Jan Dziewanowicz becomes the prime suspect. Jan decides to take the matters into his own hands and solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance. Soon, it turns out that the initially dismissed issue of Henryk Nowak’s double identity is the key to the investigation and it goes back to the Second World War.  The unconfirmed murder of Dziewanowicz leads to exposure of a clever spy plot.



Tadeusz Chmielewski
Tadeusz Chmielewski
Jerzy Stawicki
Jarosław Świtoniak
Roman Kolski, Jadwiga Jakubowska
Adam Walaciński
Stanisław Mikulski, Zbigniew Józefowicz,
Joanna Jędryka, Janusz Bylczyński,
Wacław Kowalski, Bohdan Ejmont
Materials: SD
Length: 97’