A Looming Shadow

(Cień już niedaleko)

1984   >   drama/ feature

The debut drama by the master of documentary forms Kazimierz Karabasz. The film presents portraits of distinct representatives of the working class, builders and workers from the Nowa Huta industrial group. As a backdrop - an analysis of conflict between generations and pointing towards possible ways to defuse it.

The authorities are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Nowa Huta industrial conglomerate. Among those invited is Józef - a pensioner who worked for many years as an electrician. He travels all the way from Szczecin. Despite being handicapped he has a very optimistic approach to life. He’s very happy to see his old friends. He stops by his old apartment which he left his son and his family. Henryk gives his father a warm welcome, nonetheless there is palpable tension between them. Full of pride, Józef sets out for the official celebration in the morning. It turns out he’s not listed to receive an honorary decoration. No one is able to give him a straight answer, he feels humiliated and wants to give up. Bureaucracy stands in the way of completing the formalities required to transfer the apartment to his son. In the evening the old workers meet with the young ones – friends of Henryk. These accuse them of wasting the chance they had when the factories were opened. The sharp exchange of words ends up being a safety valve that makes it possible for the father and son to reconcile.


Kazimierz Karabasz
Kazimierz Karabasz
Czesław Świrta
Anna Bohdziewicz, Andrzej Płocki
Lidia Zonn
Zbigniew Rudziński
Mariusz Dmochowski, Jarosław Kopaczewski,
Włodzimierz Kwaskowski, Michał Bajor,
Janusz Cywiński, Władysław Dewoyno


San Remo
Acting award (International Festival of Auteur Films) (Mariusz Dmochowski)
Materials: SD
Length: 84’